Resorts & Member Clubs: Luxury Meets Leisure

Crafting Exclusivity: Resorts & Member Clubs by GDI

Golf Design India (GDI) excels in creating luxurious resort and member club golf courses that offer more than just a game; they promise an experience. Since 2007, our projects have redefined leisure, blending world-class golf with the sumptuous amenities of a resort. Our designs prioritize the golfer's journey and the leisure seeker's quest for relaxation, ensuring each course complements the resort's aesthetic and ethos. From serene landscapes to challenging fairways, GDI's courses elevate the resort experience, making each visit unforgettable. Sustainability, strategic design, and unmatched beauty are hallmarks of our approach, making us the architects of choice for developers aiming to integrate top-tier golfing into their luxury offerings.

1. Redefining leisure with world-class golf
2. Integrating golf with luxury resort amenities
3. Tailored designs that complement resort aesthetics
4. Prioritizing sustainability in luxury settings
5. Enhancing the guest experience with strategic layouts
6. Creating unforgettable golfing journeys
7. Merging relaxation with the challenge of golf
8. Employing innovative design for unique courses
9. Setting new standards in resort and club golfing
10. Pioneering the future of luxury golf resorts

Our Clients


GDI approaches these projects, focusing on luxury, leisure, and landscape. We design courses that offer a challenging game for all skill levels and seamlessly integrate with the resort’s overall theme and luxury offerings. We aim to enhance the guest experience through thoughtful design that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.

A standout golf course offers impeccable design, strategic playability, and breathtaking aesthetics that align with the luxury and serenity of the resort environment. It’s not just about golf; it’s about creating a holistic experience that guests remember long after their stay.

Absolutely. GDI specializes in transforming existing golf courses into modern marvels of design and playability. By updating layouts, incorporating sustainable practices, and enhancing aesthetic appeal, we elevate the overall guest experience and align the course with the resort’s luxury standards.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our design philosophy. We employ water-efficient irrigation for resorts and member clubs, use native plants to blend with the local ecosystem, and design courses that naturally manage rainfall and support biodiversity, ensuring the resort’s golf course contributes positively to its environment.

GDI-designed courses for resorts and member clubs typically feature state-of-the-art practice facilities, elegant clubhouses with dining and pro-shop amenities, and scenic relaxation areas. We also consider spa facilities, tennis courts, and other leisure amenities to complement the golf experience.

We design courses with multiple tee options, strategic hazard placements, and fairways that cater to varying skill levels. This ensures that while experienced golfers find the course challenging, novices can also enjoy a rewarding game, making the course accessible and enjoyable for all guests.

The natural landscape is integral to our design process. We aim to preserve and highlight the unique features of the resort’s location, such as coastal views, mountain backdrops, or forested areas, ensuring the course adds to the resort’s charm and appeal.

The timeline varies based on the project’s scale and complexity but typically ranges from 18 to 36 months. GDI works efficiently to meet project deadlines while ensuring the highest quality in design and construction.

 Current trends include sustainable and eco-friendly design, integration of technology for enhanced playability, and creating versatile spaces that serve as venues for events and tournaments. GDI stays at the forefront of these trends, ensuring our designs meet contemporary demands.

Collaboration is vital to our process. GDI works closely with resort developers from the outset, understanding their vision, target audience, and unique property features. Through ongoing dialogue and design iterations, we ensure the final golf course aligns perfectly with the developer’s goals and enhances the resort’s luxury profile.