Why Executive Golf Courses Are the Future of Urban Golf

Urban golf: Golf without a traditional course

Traditional golf is played with the equivalent course that is on a golf course in a natural field. Urban golf refers to the sport that is played anywhere, typically in cities and the streets.

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Introduction: Golf & urbanization

Golf is typically associated with breathtaking scenery, the outdoors, sands, & alligators, wildlife like storks. Miniature golf typically catered to the urban landscapes and was a fixture within shopping malls, spaces towards provision of leisure and recreational activities.

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Urbanization has resulted in certain constraints within golf course designers & golf course architects. Executive golf is stated to be the future within these new developments, that can be exploited within urban landscapes, cities & metropolitan regions, to provide a golfing experience within certain atmospheres.

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A few reasons why executive golfing is the future of urban golf.

–        Urbanised areas: In urbanized areas there may a total lack of greenery or natural spaces besides a few parks at best. Urban golf hence takes advantage of this and provides individuals the opportunity to have the ability to play within urban settings, streets.  Executive golf courses fit within urban golf and are utilized towards playing urban golf.

–        Suited for professionals: Urban golf & executive golf courses are suited for professionals as they enable quick play, are not overtly long and time consuming as regular standard 18 par golf courses.

–        Executive golf courses match limited space & land requirements:
Executive courses are designed for quick play, and are thus noticeably shorter than regular & standard golf courses. It is thus an advantage as executive golf courses do not require excessive amounts of land & space.

–        Suitable for novices: Due to its universal nature, urban golf is particularly suited for novices & novel entrants towards the world of golf.

–        Urban dwellers & citizens in urban areas: Urban landscapes & backgrounds are the standard setting for urban golf, thus urban golf can be particularly embraced by urban dwellers & citizens within urban areas.

–        Executive golf suits urban crowds: Urban crowds are often characteristic of certain traits. These include their collaborative groups, particular requirements for leisure, and often being limited in time, budget and the ability and willingness to spend efforts on hobbies. Yet certain urban crowds often have the innate wants & needs to explore sports and activities typically not attributed as being within normal for urban dwellers. Thus urban golf played through executive golf suits urban crowds and their overall requirements, as well as enabling them to explore a novel sport toward them. The executive golf courses, their provision is not as exotic & demanding as standard/regular golf courses, thus executive golf courses are suitable toward urban crowds.

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