5 advantages of executive golf courses.

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Introduction : An executive golf course acts like an alternative to the bigger golf courses which traditionally are more suitable for the experienced golf players. The substitute to using a traditional golf course is using an executive golf course. They are shorter in length, have a reduced par, and are easier to walk on. Through this article, let’s find out how exactly playing in an executive golf course is more beneficial. 

Executive golf courses are shorter than traditional golf courses : These are the golf courses which cater to smaller yardage as compared to a traditional golf course. The yardage of traditional 18 hole courses from its longest tee box would be more than 6000 yards. But the executive hole will have a yardage averaging below 5000 yards.

Executive Golf Course can be played quickly : Executive Golf courses allow players to finish their rounds normally in less than 3.5 hours compared to the traditional course which takes 4-5 hours of play. So the main factors which determine the time to play courses are length of a course, part of a course, difficulty of a course, ability levels of players and how crowded the course is.

Executive Golf Courses are cheaper than traditional golf courses : Executive golf courses can see green fees about half the price of a traditional 18 hole course. The pricing for an executive golf course is priced somewhere around 7000 INR on an average. But opting for a traditional golf course  like resort courses has a price range starting from 400000 INR.

Executive golf courses are more senior and child friendly : Executive courses are perfect golf resorts for beginners, seniors and children to play. Since the course is shorter, it does not require as much power. The group of golfers is often limited on distance, and they can experience success and enjoy the game more on executive courses.

Executive Golf Courses are better for walking : They are easiest for most players to walk due to the shorter yardage and the fact that holes tend to be closer together and the course is on small size property. However if there is still the requirement for a cart, then the course should be known prior to offering golf courts.

Understanding why executive golf courses are named as executives 

Executive courses got their names from the original idea for creating a golf course which would allow business executives to go out for a quick round of lunch break or for business meetings. The organization soon came to the realization that many players enjoyed the fast paced rounds and teaching professionals realized that beginners, seniors and juniors could learn the game easier on a short course. 

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Conclusion : Executive golf courses offer a pocket friendly alternative to those who just wish to practice or play golf at a smaller distance. In such scenarios they don’t need to go overboard with the budget or invest in a caddy unnecessarily. Making sure that the golf day is 1 of the client