Benefits of choosing hydroseeding over turf in golf courses

Introduction : Hydromulching combined with high quality seed makes which helps in making perfect grass across all areas for the golf course. And whereas in comparison to laying turf, hydroseeding produces a thicker, healthier turf which helps in promoting better soil drainage which helps with water control and overall course playability. 

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Compared to conventional seeding, the hydroseeding system provides a lot better protection of seed in difficult weather conditions, protecting against washout in particular. How Hydroseeding typically works is that when it includes showering a blend of water, seed, manure and protective mulch, all mixed in a tank and force sprayed onto the ground. But there are other elements added as well to boost growth and copolymers for moistures are added based upon soil conditions and availability of water in the area. 

  • Water : Water acts both as the transporter as well as the agent to kickstart growth in the seeds.
  • Seed : Any seed can be used in hydroseeding such as grass, wild flowers, seed for erosion control etc. Seed application rate in the mix remains the same as the normal strength.
  • Fertilizer : Fertilizer is part of mix and phosphorus in most cases and is used to boost the growth process.
  • Mulch : The greenery that appears in the golf course is because of that mulch. Mulch is mostly prepared from paper and wood products.

So around the globe and specially including India, Hydroseeding is being seen as an emerging concept. Even though in the current times grass is developed using the conventional way, which takes time, is tedious and costly as well. Moreover the old technique does not necessarily guarantee any result. So its alternative approach of hydroseeding is reasonable, quick and since the seeds are encased with a mix of water and cup most, it develops rapidly with next to zero addition of water. 

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Most parts of India struggle with dust. And this is a major drawback that’s all over which makes a lot of parts in our country look old and messy. Grassing or clearing of open patches of dry land is an extremely straightforward and inexpensive solution to the issue.

Now when it comes to the costing, cost related to labor, seed, mulch, tackifier, fertilizer and water is incurred for hydroseeding. Special equipment is required to spray mixture into the barren land. Also before spraying the mixture, seed, mulch and fertilizer needs to be sprayed properly for the quick generation of the seeds. 

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Now let’s look at some major advantages of using 

  • Faster germination when compared to conventional seeding. 
  • The slurry mixture protects the seed in difficult conditions. 
  • Superior seed to soil contact for better establishment and washout protection. 
  • 100 % organic and biodegradable 

Conclusion : Hydroseeding is a fast and cost effective way of laying grass compared to turf, so golf courses can get ready to play quickly and cheaply. This makes it easy to apply the grass slurry to the slopes on a golf course as well.