Golf travel essentials : Packing tips for your next golf getaway

Introduction : As the weather heats up and golf season is in full swing, you may be eagerly planning the next golf getaway. Aside from booking tee time, flights and hotels, it becomes important to make sure that the golf bag is well prepared. Afterall there cannot be a successful golf trip without favorite essentials.

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Golf Clubs : This is probably the most important equipment. This should be the essential you pack first. Make sure your favorite golf club is ready to go. And don’t forget to first clean those club heads, golf grips and shaft in order to avoid them.

Golf Bags : With golf clubs, having a golf bag is a no brainer. And while going on getaways, it’s wise to travel with a light golf bag for easy portability. So all the golf clubs can easily fit in without it feeling too heavy while traveling. 

Golf Travel Case : Now that the golf club, and the golf bag is prepared, all you need is a reliable golf travel case. It can be either a cart bag, stand bag or staff bag. Having a nicely crafter and well built travel case makes it easy and convenient for carrying the golfing gear.

Golfing balls and tees : It’s always a good idea to pack enough golf balls and tees for the entire trip. Afterall, the last thing you want to do is run out on the front 9, and besides it’s always a good idea to save money instead of buying the items which are going to be costly just for a weekend getaway.

Rangefinder : While on a getaway, you will likely spend some extra time figuring out yardages and getting accustomed to playing conditions. Although you may not be playing for score, a rangefinder can make the round more enjoyable.

Essential golf appeal : Now choosing the right golfing outfit will heavily depend on where you’re headed. The location and the weather will determine the right golf appeal. With travel, it’s important to research the weather forecast for the trip. For warm weather, you can go for lightweight, breathable golf shirts, add an extra pair of shorts and plenty of extra socks. And for cold weather, you can opt for long sleeves, compression shirts and not to forget the windbreakers. 

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For cold weather, make sure to pack a waterproof jacket and umbrella. The weather can change unexpectedly and you wouldn’t want a little rain to ruin the golf trip.

Golf gloves : Another essential item not to forget is golf gloves. After all, there is no harm in saving money instead of buying a new one, when you can easily store your golf gloves in the stand bag. 

Golf shoes : In the midst of packing apparel and toiletries, it’s easy to forget golf shoes. Whether you stash them in a golf travel case or duffel bag, just make sure to have them packed and ready prior to take off.

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