The ideal clothes to wear while playing golf

Introduction : Golf is 1 of the oldest sports in the world and has gradually progressed into becoming 1 of the most beloved sports in the world. Its popularity transcends no boundaries. But just like any other sports, golf too has its own set of rules and regulations. Which also includes the attire to wear while playing golf. So let’s discuss the ideal outfit that every individual needs to wear before heading off to a golf club and playing their favorite sport. 

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What’s appropriate to wear while playing golf

Shirt : To begin with there is nothing like a good old golf shirt. A traditional golf shirt is a little longer compared to an ordinary polo shirt. And this is because it helps them to stay tucked in even after repeatedly swinging at the ball. Avoid loud and splashy patterns to keep the look understated so that the focus is always on the player rather than the clothes.

Pants, skirts, skorts and culottes : Pants always do the job like linen, khaki, cotton or in cold weather. Avoid something casual like jeans. For women capri pants, skirts, skort or even culottes also work very nicely.

Shorts : Bermuda length shorts are particularly appropriate everywhere these days, especially in warm weather. But at all costs do avoid gym shorts, short shots or cutoffs.

Golf shoes : If you already have golf shoes then it’s perfect. Most clubs today require soft spikes instead of metal ones. So the best thing to do and to be able to play golf at any club would be to invest in going for a good pair of soft spike golf shoes. But even if you don’t have a golf shoe, then a good pair of sneakers may do the job as well. However avoid wearing street shoes with heels because the heel could make an impression in green and could cause a mark that could throw a put off line.

Cool Weather clothes : Playing when it’s cold or chilly can be pretty challenging. Who wouldn’t wish to wear some warm clothes and have a jacket or a sweater on. So we can pair our golf shirts with a sweater, windbreaker or jacket and even a hat or scarf if required.

Rainy weather clothes : While a heavy downpour might drive you from a course, be prepared for weathering a light little rain. Pants and jackets come in water resistance that will help you keep you dry, but also breath and supple enough to let you swing a club comfortably.

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Conclusion : Golf has its own dresscode and its necessary rule to abide by the dress code to be able to enter a golf club and play golf.  Playing golf is all about immersing yourself in that sport without having to worry, what other people may think. Afterall being a golfer is all about having finesse.