What are the critical components of a successful golf learning facility

Introduction : 1 of the easiest ways to improve your golf game, connect with new friends, and get that toned up skill you always wanted is to attend golf courses. Not just for those already practicing but for beginners as well wanting to learn this fine sport. But choosing the right golf school can be a hassle sometimes. While today there is no shortage of good golfing academies in the country, it becomes vital to invest in the right academy. So through these articles, let’s look at some pointers which are essential for a good academy which can be beneficial for choosing the right golf academy. 

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  • Verify if the golf instructors working in the academy are full time or part time : This is the most important criteria to keep in mind before choosing the right golf school, since a lot of golfing instructors working there are only part time. So this results in a very substandard and inconsistent training in the academy. Which is why it becomes vital to check if the instructors working there are full time or not.
  • Is the teaching method that’s provided pre determined or one size fits all swing : Most golf instructors won’t admit this, but they only stick to 1 routine and teach one type of golf swing. Which means the student will end up learning the same golf swing regardless of their ability or the practice time they have or even their own physical ability. So the best way to verify that is to ask them, how do they teach individual style of golf and how can the instructors help the students find them, their golfing style.
  • Asking about the credentials of the instructor or even the head coach running the academy : While being a member of PGA is important, there are 26,000 PGA professionals and to say that every PGA professional is just as good an instructor as any other PGA is not true. So 1 of the ways of finding that out, is to ask with the trainers, how many professional golfers have they worked with and their experience. If it’s just limited domestically or have they participated in international tournaments as well.
  • Will the student have the same instructor the entire time : Switching from instructor to instructor is like calling the phone company and being transferred from 1 agent to another. You only end up repeating the story instead of resolving the issue. Likewise if the instructor keeps changing, then you will end up learning the same things without any progress.
  • Figuring out student to instructor ratio : Many golf schools offer 4 :1 student to instructor ratio, which in theory may not sound bad. But what’s important to keep in mind is whether other golfers are on the same level as you. You could be a beginner and paired with someone who has more experience or vice versa.  So it’s important to ask the golf academy in advance if they group the classes in the same skill level or not.
  • A dynamic plan that addresses the game and goals : The problem with a lot of golf academies has been that they teach the students the same golf swing. Teaching the same method on how to hold the grip or performing the back grip to each of their students. Which means the golfers attending these golf academies will struggle and are bound to hit golf balls worse because what they’re learning isn’t correct for them. Each golfer is different and a good golf academy must acknowledge the fact that each of them will require their own plan for learning as they all will have different styles. 

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Conclusion : In the above article we can conclude all the necessary criteria that’s required for a successful golf academy. But for any golf academy to run smoothly it’s also vital to have a well constructed golf course be it a compact or expansive facility. And Golf Design India leaves no stone unturned in providing a world class golf course for all needs and requirements.